Diet Management
Understand how diet can affect your ability to heal and over-all well being.

Understanding the symptoms of carbohydrate, protein and lipid (fatty acid) deficiency can assist in discovering what is happening nutritionally in the body. For Instance, if you experience symptoms such as: headache, gas, bloating, heartburn, less than one bowel movement per day, soft bowel movements more than three times per day, irritability, restlessness, unable to tolerate stress, stiff or sore joints. You not only need diet modification but also enzymes to assist you in the digestion and assimilation of your food.  

Improve Digestion with Food Enzymes

Unfortunately, the one thing that has the capability of performing work in the body is being slowly and systematically removed from the modern diet: food enzymes.  Most of our foods are fortified with certain nutrients, like calcium, folic acid, vitamins D and B12.  But the food enzymes that were once found in the raw forms are not being replaced.  Our 24 hour urinalysis is needed to properly identify what nutrition an individual body is lacking and which  and to determine which enzymes are required to properly nourish the body to reverse symptoms.

Support the Body Nutritionally

Now that you have learned how to support body nutritionally, it is important to recognize the stress that you experience.  Stress comes in three forms: mechanical, nutritional or emotional. Regardless of the kind of stress, the body always reacts the same way. Organs and organ systems respond to imbalances caused by stress by speeding up or slowing down, whichever is needed to return that balance within the cells and tissues back to normal.  It’s when they stay in an unbalanced state for long periods of time whether it is slow or fast is when symptoms result.  

Identifying these issues and imbalances is what we are trained to do at Harmonic Wellness.  Our goal is to reverse those symptoms and to get your body back into balance and homeostasis.  

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