Food Enzyme Institute Vision Statement

Howard F. Loomis, Jr., D.C., the founder of the Food Enzyme Institute™, believes that each body has an innate intelligence which is perfectly aligned with the physical laws of the universe, and that staying healthy is each person’s right and responsibility.

We teach health care practitioners a scientifically valid, clinical SYSTEM for determining deviations from normal that are caused by stress and which manifest as symptoms. This system empowers the practitioner with confident specificity that gives them professional and personal satisfaction while being recognized as a health leader in their community.

A female client has had long term stress and digestion issues. In addition, her joints ached to the point that it took a few moments to go from sitting to standing. Her energy levels were at a 1 on a scale of 0-3. She experienced significant insomnia, including inability to get to sleep, and often reawakening during the night and not able to get back to sleep. Client felt she ate quite well including organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

After a nutritional consultation and an evaluation of her 24 hour urinalysis reports we found that she was not digesting her carbohydrates, and not getting enough fats. Her Vitamin C levels were very low. This means that even though she was eating fresh fruit and vegetables her body was not able to digest it! This was the result of many years of stress and indigestion. The lack of digestion was now causing energy loss, insomnia, inflammation and joint pain.
After 2 months on a diet modification plan including eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, enzymes to assist in digesting them, and enzymes including herbs that aid in the digesting of fats she reports the following:

          Digestion is much improved
          She lost 10 pounds
          She reduced her total overall inches by 7.5” mostly around the waist, stomach and hips!
          She actually feels hungry and wants to eat. Food tastes good again.
          Much of the constant joint pain has disappeared.
          She has energy again!

 A recent client had experienced gas, and intestinal discomfort for many years. Harmonic  Wellness Digestive Health Specialist, Hollie Schipper reviewed the information from his health history, interview, homeostatic nutritional and palpation test, and the 24 hour urinalysis reports.  A plan was suggested including taking the necessary digestive enzymes to meet his body’s requirements for nutrition and digestion.  In addition to including more fresh fruits and vegetables in his diet; he takes a before meal enzyme to help him digest his carbohydrates and proteins, and an after meal enzyme to provide him with added fats. The results after only one week were stunning. Most all of the gas issues and intestinal stress were resolved (Yes, his work partner thanks me!); his bowel movements are more consistent; and after four weeks he has noticed that his joint pain has significantly lessened! Digestion is a complicated and important process!

Pregnancy Client:  A client was 2 months pregnant and extremely fatigued and nauseous.  After just one day using an enzyme formulation to support her kidneys to help with the toxic overload and another enzyme to support the increased need for lipids she felt like she could ‘be again’.  The nausea was mostly gone, and she had energy!  She was amazed.  After a week she could really tell a difference in how her body was in comparison to previous pregnancies.