As a Harmonic Wellness Centre Client You Will...
Your personalized program will radically improve your health and Inner Vitality.

               Determine what  your source of stress is

               Understand what your nutritional needs are 

               Understand why and what your body is not digesting or assimilating

               Learn how to eliminate foods that are damaging to your health

               Understand why you crave certain foods

               Determine a new path of Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness 

               Restore your body to optimal healthy state


As your body becomes more balanced you will experience: 

               Increased energy levels

               Improved Mood 

               Improved digestion

               Improved Immune System

Each individual is unique.  There is NO magic bullet!  You need specific nutrients to help your body meet its nutritional demands and to support the healthy function of your body!   Diet and lifestyle changes progress slowly to allow the body to rebalance.  You will learn how to address every aspect of your health from nutrition, diet, and sleep, to stress management so that you can achieve long lasting results.  

Harmonic Wellness is committed to supporting you through this program providing education, resources, and services that will transform your health journey.

If you decide to become a client we will assist you in resolving the nutritional and emotional sources of stress, develop goals to support those health challenges. We will also work with you on the emotional challenges that are holding you back from achieving your goals.  

Each individual is unique so your wellness plan is customized to your nutritional needs that we assessed using a 24 hour urinalysis process, health interview and the Signs and Symptoms questionnaire and homeostatic structural analysis.  We provide individualized care and approaches.    We want to transform the way you view and experience Optimal Wellness and Vibrant Vitality! 

Your Whole Person Consultation will include the following: 

24 hour urinalysis
Signs and Symptoms Questionnaire
Extensive Health Questionnaire and Interview 
Nutritional Study and Assessment 
Homeostatic Nutritional Analysis 
Emotional Questionnaire 

To decide if working with us at Harmonic Wellness is right for you, we invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with Hollie Schipper, Naturopathic Practitioner + Digestive Health Specialist!
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